Our Social Services

Our Personal Values can change over time, and our behaviour can alter as a result of the situation we are in. From a young age one of the most important values instilled in me by my parents was to have respect for others, this should be carried throughout life as we should treat others the way in which we would expect to be treated. As we grow or not, we should have to do something for the society we live in. For the development and growth of society we are doing some social works. The development of strong, vibrant, and healthy communities has long been a tenet of the social work profession. The idea behind community development is simple: residents take collective action to generate solutions to common problems.

Milk Distribution

Our First Initiative was to collect the milk from the Lord Shiva’s temple on SAvan Somvar. The milk is being wasted in the name of belief. We tried to convince people that you should give milk to us so that we can distribute that milk to the people who are needy. From past 4 years we are doing this activity and appreciated all over. Several people gets connected with us in this social service.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation is our second initiative, we had done blood donation camps at several places and motivated people to do the same.

Toys & Cloths Distribution

Sleeping outside in the cold weather is the toughest thing you have to do. By looking people shivering in the cold weather was not our cup of tea. We took the initiative and collected cloths for those people. With the support of several people we had collected tons of cloths and distributed at night to those who need them. It was the initiative done by us from last 4 years and still going on.

Periods Awareness

There were so much of superstitions in India about periods and menstruation. For many women and girls in India, even talking about periods is taboo, and a lack of access to sanitary products means life comes to a standstill for a few days every month. We had done awareness campaign about it. We asked them just to stop black carry bags for sanitary pads. We had done awareness programs in school with RJ anadi and BigFM, Stick posters in front of medical shops and offices.